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               工厂占地面积约三万平方米,拥有先进的生产设备和完善的试验检测手段,我们始终本着以生产物美价廉的产品“为客户创造价值”。 产品注册商标为"丰业"牌,具有发色力强、色泽鲜艳、质量稳定、适用范围广等特点,并通过ISO9001:2000国际质量体系认证,产品畅销全国各陶瓷产区及世界各地,其中釉用色料的市场占有率稳居全国第一。

        Chaozhou Fengye Industrial Co.Ltd. was established in 1993.The factory is located in our country's historical and cultural city, Chaozhou, which is famous as "China Ceramics Town", one of China ceramics culture's cradle, its ceramics industrial now becomes a complete production base of the art porcelain, household ceramic, sanitary ware, ceramics material and so on.

        Our factory are specialized in developing and producing ceramics pigment, including glaze stain, body stain, inclusion stain, glass color, on-glaze color, in-glaze color, metalic effect color, and accessory for ceramic & glass decoration material.

        Since the beginning of establishment, co-operating with many specialized colleges and research institutes, the enterprise insists on the high investment to research and develop craftsmanship and updates products. With many years efforts, depending on technology advantage and flexible management , the enterprise develops gradually and ascends to the front of the same industrial field.

        Our factory covers area about 30,000 square meters, installed with advanced production facilities and excellent experimentation and inspection instruments. We always insist on the management idea of best quality but low price and the principle "created value for customers". Our registered brand "FENGYE" brand is strong color appearance , flaming, stable quality , a large range of applicability, it also passed ISO9001:2000 of the international quality system attestation. All types of product meet the demands of different customers and has been sold to all over the country and the world, especially the market percentage of glaze stain, is in the top position among the same business field in the country.

        "QUALITY IS FOUNDATION, CREDIT STANDING IS LIFE, INNOVATION IS MOTIVITY" is our enterprise tenet, we are willing to bring our excellent products and zealous service to cooperate with your company and develop together.

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